Business Mobile Services

As a business owner, staying connected is a vital part of your success and profitability. Device downtime for you or your employees could be the difference between making and losing a sale, and finding a solution can be both costly and time-consuming. At Mobile Street, our focus is on keeping your mobiles up and running helping to eliminate that stress from your already busy schedule.

Whether the devices are corporate-owned or employee-owned, we can provide a holistic warranty/repair solution.

Our customised maintenance programs provide the following advantages:

Convenient pick-up/delivery service options

Quick turnaround time

The most highly trained and professional technicians in the industry

Secure data protocol to ensure confidentiality

Multiple invoicing options

Conveniently located for face to face briefings if you wish

Mobile Accessories

You can also save your firm time and money by providing your team with protective cases and/or in-car chargers. Visit our store to discover more time-saving and cost-efficient mobile solutions.

Mobile Service & Support

We have been supporting local businesses with their mobile support and repair needs for over 10 years. We are staffed by technical experts who are masters at keeping businesses fully connected. Read what some of our current business clients have to say about their experiences with our business mobile experts.

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Client needs:

Due to the nature of the construction industry it is common that devices such as mobile telephones and tablets can become broken or water damaged. These devices are important for the work the company carries out as they are needed to photograph projects and constant contact is needed with colleagues and head office, any downtime can be costly. With employees spread out across the U.K. P&M needed the ability for employees to get their devices working as quickly as possible without direct cost to the employee.

P&M is a scaffolding company based in east Kent with employees spread all over the uk on any given day.

Mobile Street Solution…

Having evaluated our client needs and understanding how important a quick turn around time is for P&M, Mobile Street set up an easy procedure for P&M employees. We designed a system that enables staff to walk into their nearest store and get their device fast tracked and almost always repaired whilst they wait, with an invoice sent directly on to P&Ms head office. When a store visit is not an option, Mobile Street offers a postal service with devices typically being repaired and re-posted (using insured next day couriers) the same day that it is received.

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