Laptop repair

At Mobile Street, we have one goal:
to provide great service at a reasonable price.

If you need to replace a cracked screen, repair a broken power jack, remove a virus or set up your wireless, we can help.

We are the top choice for laptop repair in Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Ashford, Sheerness and Sevenoaks.

#1 for low prices, quality services and fast turnarounds

We specialise in any laptop repair to the component-level. This includes servicing the following brands:

Laptop Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive laptop repair service that includes:

Fixing laptop screens

Recovering and fixing laptop hard drives

Repairing power jacks / power buttons

Fixing keyboards

Recovering water damage

Fixing overheating issues

Two of the most common laptop issues we fix and repair on-site every day:

Virus Attack

If your laptop keeps freezing or loading slowly, crashes frequently, or shows you a blue screen that won’t go away, you might have a virus on your laptop.

Software Malfunction

If you’re experiencing odd malfunctions such as pop ups, slowness and other strange software issue, you might have unwanted programs on your machine that might need to be removed.

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